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My 6 year old daughter has changed a lot since around Christmas time. She has started showing a lot of anxiety, she doesn't want to go on playdates, she doesn't want to be away from home, she says her tummy feels funny many times throughout the day (OCD like 20 times), she has become much more introverted than her usual outgoing self, she wants to blend in instead of stand out at school, she seems unsure of herself, she wants to know everything we are going to do before we are going to do it. I found the name of this condition while searching on a link related to kids who urinate and wiple themselves over and over again because they don't feel dry. My daughter has done that in the past, too. Can anyone shed any light on whether or not she may or may not have this? I am at a loss. She has been so very different than the girl I am used to. I thought it might all be related to being in kindergaren this year. But she was fine the first half of school. I can just tell something is wrong with her. Help please!

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Also, my daughter had a period of time where she was eating her food funny. She would chew, chew, chew and not swallow until the food was totally liquified. It was so strange. She never did that before. Is this also related?


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tthe symptoms you discuss seem consistent. We noticed sudden changes that were distressing and led to a rapid decrease in health. A year down the track we are doing the relevent tests for antibodies. Our daughter is on antibiotics as well. It is a journey

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