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I have written here before but here I go again. We live in Melbourne Australia and a little over a year ago our daughter developed virtually all the symptoms of pandas. The only thing we didn't do was test for strep but th symptoms followed a bout of tonsillitis. There were also 2 other on sets previously that we realised were all related. So our daughter has slowly been getting back on track but never the girl we once knew. 

We just returned from a holiday in Queensland where we have taken a massive backward step. All the symptoms have returned.......scratching, baby talk, not eating, fear of puking, clinging onto us, and the list goes on. We don't know which way to go now. She is off the ssri's (we don't think they worked anyway) and on antibiotics (penicillin) but we think thya only may have helped short term. 

she has been tested for krypterpyrrol which we get the results next week. Our daughter is currently taking supplements for this. 

If she has pandas then it is a most debilitating and distressing disorder. You have to always be on your guard. We thought we were heading in the right direction but think now that the direction is wrong. Can anyone out there help. Is there another melbourne family we could link up with? 

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