Guide to P.A.N.D.A.S. Syndrome

An online Guide to Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococci

Britney :P

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Guide to P.A.N.D.A.S. Syndrome

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I'm a tipicle pre teen but I have PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections) and it is hard to find people who have the same disorders as me, the symptoms I have are like some materials i cant touch or i touch hot things like a iorn or stove and it makes me feel bad and i make these noises with my throut and it iritates some people around! it was hard in public school because i got made fun of by the popular girls!!!:( but im homeschooled so i dont really get made fun of :D my birthday is in Augest and i turned 12 last year!:D My favorite foods are Burritos and Enchilada's! I love to sing and dance im crazy random and silly! i love to talk so if your ever board and you wanna chat im right here id be very happy to chat with people i love to meet new friends and when i get excited and it kinda makes my tics a little worse in a good/excited way! I love funny and hiphop and rap and country music! And someday i dream of being an FBI!!!:D:P8) oh and im cooool!!!8)My dad makes paracord bracelets and he makes PANDAS bracelets too! check out his website One more thing about my OCD.. If I type in a phone number and get 1 number wrong in it I HALF to start over and keep doing it UNTIL I get it right!!! :) I enjoy watching tv, and other hobbies of mine! I dog sit for money! I have neighbors I watch their dogs! My other client I doggie sot her dog in July!! I know my about me is ALOT to read but I do lots of stuff and enjoy people!!! Talk to me whenever wherever!!!!!!!!! Thanks post me soon!!! 

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Reply Melanie
3:20 PM on June 26, 2013 
Reply Melanie
8:12 AM on June 26, 2013 
Yea, so How have you been?
Reply Melanie
10:35 PM on June 25, 2013 
Awwww thats horrible! I hope she gets better!
Reply Grace
7:32 PM on December 10, 2012 
Hi! its christmas season I loveeeeee christmas so much :D
Reply Melanie
3:34 PM on December 6, 2012 
Reply Melanie
3:22 PM on December 6, 2012 
Neat! Well,
it is really cold here.Monday it was warm, Tuesday it was hot, Wenesday it was warmish, and today it is FREEZING!
Reply Melanie
7:18 PM on December 5, 2012 
Hmm.. Yea
No, Me'n either.
Reply Melanie
7:10 PM on December 5, 2012 
So, Whatcha been doing?
Reply Britney :P
1:19 PM on December 4, 2012 
Switched my picture PANDAS ALL THE WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
Reply Britney :P
12:06 PM on September 21, 2012 
Thanks guys!!
Reply Grace
6:26 PM on August 17, 2012 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Reply Melanie
2:56 PM on August 4, 2012 
Reply Melanie
5:24 PM on July 29, 2012 
Reply Britney :P
9:50 AM on July 23, 2012 
OMG How much stuff have I been missing out on?! Lol
Reply Melanie
8:03 PM on July 3, 2012 
Thanks!!! Sorry!
It sounds kinda fun though!
Reply Britney :P
6:28 PM on May 18, 2012 
STITCH! xD I love him :DD
Reply Melanie
7:04 PM on March 28, 2012 
Hey! I'm on, don't know if you are...............
Reply Melanie
8:31 PM on March 26, 2012 
Reply Melanie
8:18 PM on March 26, 2012 
Well, it probably did come, but i'm in Flordia
for PANDAS help at the Rothman Center
in St.Petersburg. It's pretty much Therapy,
but more intense. So I'm in Flordia at the moment, and supposed to be here for a few weeks.
Reply Meghan
7:15 PM on March 26, 2012 
Hi Britney!
I LOVE animals! I mother's help in the summer which is kind of similar to dog sitting.